The trendiest names for babies in 2017

You might think it’s just the celebrity babies who are blessed with unique and unusual names, but apparently us mortals like an ‘out there’ baby name for our offspring, too.

Baby name website Nameberry has released a list of the names that they’re betting will be popular this year, although it’s safe to say they’re on the creative side. The list comprises of the names that saw the biggest increase in page views in January, compared with stats from the same month in 2016. And it looks like we can expect to see a lot more Ines, Tahitis and Kyd’s on the playgrounds in a few years’ time.

A lot of the names are similar to those popular on 2016’s list. ‘Many of the hottest baby names of 2017 pick up on trends and sounds that were hot last year. 2017’s Calista, for instance, takes over for 2016’s Celeste. Similarly, Ines is the new Elise, Kyra the new Kaia, and Tahiti — yes, Tahiti! — is an update on Thea’, the site says.

The name ‘Kyd’ looks set to be the favourite for 2017, having increased in popularity by a whopping 4141%.

We have a sneaky suspicion that Ines, which takes fourth place on the list of girls’ names, may be because Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s second baby shares that name, and that it can’t be a complete coincidence that Moana might be a nod to the Disney Pixar film of the same name.

The top ten names for girls, and how much popularity they gained, are as follows:

1. Tatjana +1508%

2. Alizeh +748%

3. Tahiti +551%

4. Moana +467%

5. Ines +338%

6. Seren +239%

7. Rosamund +237%

8. Alisha +178%

9. Samara +155%

10. Lilian +124%

The top ten names for boys are as follows:

1. Kyd +4141%

2. Benajah +2300%

3. Sulien +1656%

4. Koa +332%

5. Gunther +307%

6. Cassian +191%

7. Beauregard +147%

8. Albie +120%

9. Isaac +114%

10. Lucien +87%